from grole import Grole

app = Grole()

def index(env, req):
    name = req.match.group(1) or 'World'
    return 'Hello, {}!'.format(name)


Run this script and then point your browser at http://localhost:1234/.

Grole also has an inbuilt simple file server which will serve all the files in a directory. Just run grole.py or python -m grole. This supports the following command line arguments:

  • –address - The address to listen on, empty string for any address
  • –port - The port to listen on
  • –directory - The directory to serve
  • –noindex - Do not show file indexes
  • –verbose - Use verbose logging (level=DEBUG)
  • –quiet - Use quiet logging (level=ERROR)

Further examples can be found within the examples folder on github.